The Boundaries of Life and Death

This short film explores the cycle of a life from birth to death. The video is based off of an Edgar Allen Poe quote, which personally intrigued me because he, like myself, is from Baltimore. In light of our recent video unit I thought this to be fitting and maybe interesting to a few of you.


New Beginnings

This short film is considered a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and a tribute to the future of the city that New York City Ballet calls home. The movement throughout the dance embraces New York City.

Nuit Blanche

This video was an inspiration for my video project. I really enjoyed the imagery of the woman’s face that passes through glass. I cringed, afraid of her face getting cut and scarred. But she passes through unscathed and the glass hangs around her like jewelry. This made me think of passing through difficulty and working though past trauma. The transition is jarring. The memories and feelings are raw and painful, like broken glass, and you have to keep your heart vulnerable to them. But you keep moving, and you reach a point when the pain and experiences come to make you more beautiful, happier, freer — like the way the shards of class become a decoration for the woman’s body when she passes through them.

Comedy Art Night


This semester I’ve been working with the Society for Art Video to put on a big event to share Art Video.
Comedy is difficult to deal with in art, but if done well it is amazing.
We are putting up a comedy art night on Thursday, December 5th in downtown Phoenix. If you haven’t been downtown to see any art event, I encourage this.

We will be doing projections outside so we can accommodate a larger group of people. Bring blankets. We will also be providing snacks.
Here is the facebook link to share to your friends!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Free Photoshop Alternatives

As the semester is ending I realize that a lot of you will no longer have access to the adobe suite – especially photoshop – over break and next semester unless you take more digital art classes. 

It would be a rotten shame to let all your great work go ignored from here on after, so here are some free photoshop alternatives.

Though some of them are a bit *commercial* or *amateur* they should give you enough to do till you can get photoshop back within your claws.


10 Free Web-based Alternatives to Photoshop