Best Web Builders + Free Templates

Don’t forget your websites will be due at the end of the semester!

Here are some of the easiest+best+free web builder sites I’ve encountered over the years.

If you’ve been procrastinating, any one of these sites can help you pull together a clean, free site in a day.


You all know of weebly now. Despite the stupid name, weebly offers a pretty fantastic free setup. It doesn’t get much better.


Hey look, you’re already here. WordPress has been consistently pumping out some really sleek, great designs.


Wix is one of the best known sites for free artist websites that I know of. They have a huge variety of really great templates. They are all about their artist audience.


I love blogger. I’ve used it for years. There are lots of new templates available, and sites to download free 3rd party templates from as well. A  .com domain for a whole year is only $10. (I have used this personally, no problems) Since blogger is owned by google, its shit is always updated and in order. Very user-friendly, but also great for html-savy users.

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