How to Write an Art Proposal

As we’ve discussed our next assignment requires an art proposal. Which is a good practice to tackle early on because you will need to write multiple proposal for your art career.

What to think about:
What you are going to do? Usually when you submit for a gallery or grant, they are not going to be able to have a conversation with you about your work. You will need to give all the details of how the final project will be. If something in the work has symbolism, tell us. If it is going to be shot in black and white instead of color, let us know.
Why are you making this work? Tell them what your drive is to make the work. This will share your passion and help us understand your concept. If you seem uninterested, no one will let you work on something if it seems you do not care about the work.
Why should I care? Think about why this work needs to exists, and is there any interest to the work outside of yourself. Think about the audience, or how the work will function if it is in a gallery or a fair.
Does the work relate to anything else? If your work is informed by other artists, connect it to the proposal reader. This may give the reviewer the ability to see that “yes, it works along these other artists and I can visualize the final piece”

Here are some links that might be helpful.


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