‘How Deep is Your’ by Julianne Swartz

The other weekend I went to the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art where they currently feature Julianne Swartz’s (A name you should all be familiar with by now!) “How Deep is Your”, which features several insanely cool sound installation pieces that are 110% worth viewing in person. Her work will be featured in SMoCA until January 26th, 2014, and Thursdays are free admission at the museum! Julianne Swartz will also be at SMoCA on January 7th, 2014 at 7:00 pm for a FREE artist talk.ImageImageImage

“Acclaimed for her unique blend of high and low-tech materials, artist Julianne Swartz often makes the ephemeral presence of the viewer fundamental to her work. Her art quietly celebrates contradictions and dichotomies that invite us to slow down and sharpen our senses. With lenses, she transforms mundane objects and hidden locations into magical moving pictures. Using mirrors, she disorients a viewer’s spatial perception and self-awareness. Drawing on walls with thin lines of vinyl, she guides viewers to secret architectural spaces. Carefully arranging PVC tubing and speakers, she allows buildings to seemingly communicate with their inhabitants. These sculptures and installations engage viewer participation with elegance, humor, and intelligence.” (From the SMoCA website, read more here: http://www.smoca.org/calendar/julianne-swartz-how-deep-is-your-1460


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