20 Tips for a Good Artist Website

Since the website due date is coming up I thought I’d post some tips that I found for creating a good artist website! They can be found in more detail at http://www.websiteforartists.com/article-20tips.html.

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Keep your file size low.
  3. Keep your navigation simple.
  4. Have your own domain name.
  5. No “under construction” page.
  6. Prominent contact info.
  7. Label all artwork.
  8. Include a brief Art statement and resume.
  9. Keep your text simple.
  10. Avoid underlined text.
  11. Keep your color scheme subdued.
  12. Avoid background image.
  13. Avoid background music.
  14. No cutesy mouse animation.
  15. Don’t disable back button.
  16. Refrain from using frames and flash.
  17. Make sure your site is compatible in all browsers.
  18. Check that all your links work.
  19. Open all external links in new window.
  20. Keep an honest relation with your gallery.

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