Gary Greenberg and matthew Reinhart


These two have collaborated on two different books, both of which I believe constitute as art as well.

The first was “The Pop-Up Book of Phobias” which is exactly what it sounds like. It has multiple pages of pop-ups of worst fears, all constructed with care and intellect, as well as creativity by Reinhart. (The claustrophobia page doesn’t allow the book to open entirely, leaving a cramped view of an elevator.) Greenberg writes the blurbs about each fear, giving definition, while Reinhart sculpts the paper designs.

The second book is a similar idea, named “The Pop-Up Book of Nightmares.” It is a little darker than the first, depicting common nightmare themes (giving birth, falling, being chased) in a pop-up paper sculpture. However this book is more informative, not only defining what can constitute in that category of nightmare (i.e. Giving birth – giving birth to something alien or an animal, or a deformed child, giving birth out of unusual body parts, or having incompetent doctors while giving birth.) but lays out definition as to why these nightmares may be occurring.

Here is the author’s website:

And here is the paper sculptor’s:


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