Marcia Smilack: Synesthete Artist

Marcia Smilack

She describes herself as a “reflectionist”, as she photographs reflections on water. Sometimes she dreams about images before she sees them reflected on water. She uses her synesthetic responses to the reflections she sees to signal the moment she should take a picture.

Here is a photo from her series, “Cello Music”, and what she says about it.

Cello Music

“The night I walked by the water and heard cello I had not intended to photograph a reflection at all but I couldn’t resist the sound so I gave in and aimed my camera at what had elicited it. As soon as I let go of my thoughts, the texture of the water washed over me in synch with the sound and turned to satin on my skin. When I felt myself climb into the shadows between the folds, I snapped the shutter. I hear cello every time I look at it today, though I discovered that if I turn it upside down, it becomes violin.”


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