Sara Bergando

Her “New Light from Waste” series feature works made from recycled items. These beautifully shaped and lit pieces have been posed as decorative lamps.




Check out the rest of her work here:


An Eyeful of Sound

This video is from animator Samantha Moore. It’s a documentary she created with people who have audio-visual synesthesia, in which sounds produce visual reactions.

Karsten Schmidt

Here is a video showing conceptual artist Karsten Schmidt (a.k.a. toxi)’s “video sound sculpture” exploring synesthesia as a theory. It was featured in an exhibit called Advanced Beauty.

Sarah Bartell: Synesthete Artist

…also known as NaturePunk on DeviantArt and Little Lioness on Flickr.

The painting below, “Viva La Vida”, is her documentation of music she was listening to.


The second painting, “Ashland, OR”, is what she sees when she thinks “Ashland”.


Synexperience by Carrie C Firman

Carrie C Firman –

In addition to photography and graphic design work, she also has some interactive works in which you participate in the piece – you can visit the website to get in on the fun! Here is one of her videos, “Synexperience”, and what she says about it.

“Interacting with these two sonar sensors triggers audio and projections of synesthetic sound-to-visual experiences as unexpectedly as they occur to me in daily life. Then, get a friend and try to match the projections!”